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The Iditarod Trail

Monday, January 30th, 2023

In a month or so, with (a lot of!!) luck, I will be out biking the Iditarod trail as part of the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

I have lots of really good memories of traveling the Iditarod trail. So many good memories, I am really looking forward to making some new ones and being (mostly) free of responsibilities. Just riding my bike in the middle of no where, yay!




A couple of people have asked for my tracklogs. The ITI has had a semi-official policy of not allowing people to share them, but they have always been out there, so it doesn’t really seem that sensible. Since I handed them out to a few people, I decided I might as well just publicly share them since it doesn’t seem that fair just to provide them to a few people. I have put the tracklogs for my three rides to Nome here or the GPX file here. The gpx files should be easily downloadable from that site in a few different formats. Obviously, these rides were before the latest checkpoint changes, so the first section isn’t useful besides historical information. Folks should use caution with these, and not just blindly follow the route – the route changes, use common sense, and follow the Iditarod or Irondog route when it is marked.

If you follow these off a cliff, it is your own fault – use your common sense and use them as a rough guideline.

ITI 2018

ITI 2018

ITI 2018