Fun on Beaver Creek

As new owners of Alpacka pack rafts, Marsh, Tom and I decided to do our first “real” pack rafting trip. Our plan was to float down Beaver Creek and walk out the Summit Trail in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. While I spend a lot of time in this area in the winter, this will have been the first time I had visited this area in the summer, and I was really looking forward to exploring it without snow. I have had done the summit trail several times before, but had never gone all the way out to Beaver Creek.

We started the trip at the Ophir Creek Campground on Nome Creek with a large group – my wife and the twins plus two additional family. We overnighted at the campground, which was surprising pleasant and uncrowded for Memorial Day weekend. The evening’s heavy thunderstorm and rain shower was not very auspicious.

The next morning was super nice though, and so I said good by to Nancy and the twins and we headed down Nome Creek. Nome Creek was a very pleasant float – it was quite mellow, with hardly any interesting water action at all. We had to avoid several sweepers in the 6 miles until we hit Beaver Creek, but otherwise this section was pleasantly uneventful.

There where lots of spectacular views from Nome Creek, including some wonderful views of Sled Dog Rocks, a rock formation that looks like a dog sled and dog team.

After hitting Beaver Creek, we then floated approximately 26 miles before we hit our take out point. Beaver Creek is a very mellow class I float, with a small number of sweepers, the rare rock to be avoided, and a view sections with interesting eddy currents – otherwise it could probably be done while sleeping. Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating, but it is a very mellow float.

Once we hit our take out point, we stopped and took a look at Borealis-LeFevre Cabin. It was amazing how different this area is in the summer. The cabin was barely visible from the river, yet in the winter the cabin can be seen quite clearly. We saw from the log book Ed Plumb had stopped here 2 days prior on a grand adventure – we where instantly envious.

After getting a bite to eat we crossed the river and headed up Wickersham Creek trail on our way to the Summit Trail. After a mile or so we would have to cross Wickersham Creek, and since we where uncertain how large it would be, we carried the rafts to the creek in case it required floating. In the winter the creek looks fairly large and can have quite a bit of overflow on it. The creek turned out to be easy fordable by the taller members of our group, and the remaining member quickly floated across.

We then headed up the the Wickersham Creek Trail until it hit the Summit Trail. This was the most unpleasant walking of the trip – the trail is mainly a winter trail but had been used by ORVs in the past. It was quite muddy and a true tussock fest.

Once we hit the Summit Trial we walked for a couple of miles and then called it a day. We camped in a old burn which was spectacularly beautiful. I got to use my new tent for the first time and it was quite a success.

The next day we headed out and had a wonderful day of hiking. The weather was great with nice clear views and pleasant walking.

This a highly recommended easy pack rafting trip – its very accessible, a fun float, and a great hike out.

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  1. Cool website guys! We will have to try rafting Beaver Creek!

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