Ireland – On bikes, though briefly

A quick update from Ireland – We got our bikes today, and got about 1 mile before one of them developed a frighting sequel, as if it was attempting to grind coffee beans in the hub. Fortunately the owner of the bike rental outfit drove out to where we were staying and replaced the rear wheel. Hurray!

Otherwise, it was quite a fun day.
We spend the morning in Dublin, then took the train to Ennis where we ended up for the night. Dublin is quite a beautiful city, though quite busy. We were very glad we didn’t attempt to bike though it.

The twins enjoyed the train.

In particular they enjoyed the full length (for a three year old) bed seats.

We had our bikes delivered to us at the Ennis train station.

Down town Ennis has a number of very tight one way streets that are very interesting to explore – lots of random shops and places to eat. Unfortunately we spend quite a bit of time walking our bikes on the side walk as we where going the wrong way on a one way street, alas.

At this point it became apparent that my bikes rear wheel was at war with the rest of my bike. This did not prevent Lizzy for taking a very long and determined nap. Even going up and down some large curbs did not wake her.

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