Trips For Next Summer..

While coming back from a day float on Brushkana Creek, I noticed that the hills above the Denali Highway in that area looked quite hikable.

Earlier this summer I had asked someone about how interesting Brushkana was to float, and was distracted with stories about how beautiful the upper Jack River is.  It appears it would be a easy 2 day or hard 1 day hike into the the upper Jack River from the Denali Highway, from which one could packraft down the Jack River or continue hiking over to Carabou Pass and packraft down the Chutlitna River.  

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  1. spruceboy says:

    Apparently the land along the Jack River and along parts of the Parks Highway and the Denali Highway in this area are owned by AHTNA and a permit is required in this area.

    A map of the AHTNA lands can be found here .

    Permits can be found here .

  2. spruceboy says:

    Still want to do this trip – alas, so many trip, so little time!

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