Triathlon Fun!

Nancy has been training all spring and sumer for a local half ironman called the Sourdough Triathlon. The twins and I spent most of Saturday watching Nancy do her swim, bike, and run and she appeared to have a great time.
The twins had a great time helping Nancy set stuff up for the race.

Good enough of a time I am almost considering learning to swim just to do it next year. Perhaps not though – the swim section
looked decidedly unpleasant. Nancy seemed to enjoy it though.

Nancy had a fantastic race, and came in at about 6 hours 30 minutes. She had the definitely moral victory of racing on a low tech (but quite nice – it was her birthday present last year) hybrid bike, not a fancy road bike, and she did not walk any of the run. Hurray for Nancy!

The twins and I watched most of the race (there was a short break for nap time), and amazingly the twins had a really good time watching the racers go back and forth (the run and bike sections are out-and-back-and-out-and-back sort of affairs). I was very impressed by the Twins race watching stamina!

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