Winter fun..

I took the the snow bike out this weekend and enjoyed a nice long ride in the new snow.

It was a beautiful day…

I explored some trails that I had never been on in the winter..

And spent some time on some more familiar trails.

The sun was out and it was nice to be biking in the daylight for a change.

I have been using Lobbens but alas in wet overflow they absorb water like mad. It appears I will need to work out some other solution for the winter adventures I have planned.

Now if we just had more snow… Let it snow!

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2 Responses to “Winter fun..”

  1. Mike says:

    Great pictures as usual! So envious. I am looking forward to a lot of winter backpacking this season myself. Your Lobbens look like the old military mukluks I used to have when I was a boyscout. Boy those things were warm, and they laced up to just below your knee. They had great wool liners inside you could wear to bed. Might be an option for ya, but as I recall they too got got wet after a while in the snow.


  2. spruceboy says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I have a pair of those mukluks and they work great for winter biking though they are a bit heavier than the lobbens. Let it snow!

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