We have been having a strange winter this year, complete with rain and ice storms, and many January days near freezing. It hasn’t been good for skiers, but the warm snaps have made for fantastic trails.

I have been attempting to put as many miles on the snow bike as I can in preparation for the ITI, but I have probibly not been getting as much time in as I need. Such is life.. but it is hard to complain with the fantastic weather we have been having, and the wonderful trails.

I managed to escape for day to put in a 75 mile day ride in the Whites, which was fantastic.

Near freezing on the hills, and near zero in the valleys – not much to complain about.

One of the better rides I have enjoyed this winter, and I wished it never ended. If I would had a way to let folks know I would be out longer I would have probably extended the ride to the whole loop. Alas.. but it was still a fantastic day!

I hope everything is enjoying their winter!

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5 Responses to “Winter..”

  1. Look at those trails!!!
    Man, you guys are spoiled. They look groomed for god sakes.

    • spruceboy says:

      They are sort of groomed – BLM, the managers of the White Mountains, groomed that trail several weeks ago. We are definitely spoiled right now, at least for biking. The skiers on the other hand are having a bit of a hard time..

  2. mike says:

    Great pictures! I can just imagine the sound of those tires rumbling along on frozen trails. 75 miles in one day; good lord! Keep it up!

    Enjoying your blog as always,

  3. Mike says:

    Hey I wanted to share this link with you. Maybe you know this guy? Really amazing photography.

    Sorry, would have emailed you if your email addy were on your blog. But thought you’d appreciate the link!

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