Cache Mountain Cabin with the dogs

Cache Mountain Cabin with the dogs

I have been a bit lost as what to do lately. COVID has hit my plans just like it has affected everyone else’s. I don’t have any big races or events planned, nothing to train for.. and no solid plans for winter adventures this season. It isn’t bad – my family and I are healthy, I am still employed, and life is going just fine. Just the idea of no adventures on the horizon has me a bit down and a bit directionless. It isn’t the end of the world, and I am sure I will find an adventure to look forward too..

Cache Mt Solo Trip

Randomly checking the White Mountains NRA reservation system I noticed Cache Mountain Cabin was open and unbooked for Sunday night. After checking with my wife Nancy and my managers (aka Molly and Lizzy) I booked it, packed, and headed out Sunday for a last minute overnight trip.

I was glad I did…

Cache Mt Solo Trip

Great views..

Cache Mt Solo Trip

A big moon..

Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip

And lots of quality time with the dogs. Including Ed(dy) the silly 2 year old pup.

Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip Cache Mt Solo Trip On a new bike.. Cache Mt Solo Trip

The trails were mostly empty Sunday, and I didn’t see anyone Monday.

Stay well!

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3 Responses to “Cache Mountain Cabin with the dogs”

  1. PaulC says:

    Yo JC
    What are you riding these days? Looks like some honest CroMo!

    • spruceboy says:

      It is a steel version of the Fatback Corvus – Fatback was nice enough to get Meriwether Cycles to build one from steel for me. I think it is a one off, but they might have made several. It rides great!

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