A Nap Time Ski

While Nancy was off helping Ms Marsh train for the White Mountains 100, the twins and I had an adventure of a different sort – I decided to take them out for a spin in the chariot on skis during their regularly scheduled nap time. I bundled them up and tucked them in with several warm water bottles, and we where off.

Polar and Remus where off with Nancy, so only Togiak joined us for the ski.

Soon after we started the twins where off in deep slumber land. They really like napping in the chariot.

The twins and I did a six mile loop, which took about a hour and a half – with a bit of stopping and goofing off. The chariot and kids combine for a bit of a heavy, slow load.

Eventually we ended back up at the house, where the girls refused to get out of the chariot, wanted to continue napping for the rest of the day.. Alas, that would generate much sadness for me in the evening when the over napped twins had to go to bed.. Eventually we reached a compromise – they could say in the chariot a little longer so long as they stayed awake. So the twins spent some time hanging out in the chariot, watching me do dog chores, before eventually getting pried out and taken inside. Some times life is so hard!

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