First road ride of the season without studs

As the ski season is winding down, I decided to get on the road bike and go for a spin. I ended up with a morning 30 mile loop on the road bike Monday morning with Tom. This was my first ride of the season without studs. I don’t have a “real” road bike, but have a cross bike and it can run large (~40mm) studded tires which are nice for the shoulder seasons when the trails are too soft or bumpy for good snow biking. Alas, the studs are super slow on ice free pavement and as the roads are mostly ice free now I took them off for the ride. It was hard getting out of the driveway but the rest of the ride was ice free and fun.

It was really nice to be back on the road bike – I had forgotten how fast and fun it is. We did a fairly mellow loop – 30 miles in about 2 and half hours.

Our ride took us by one of Fairbanks many oddities – a partially dissembled plane parked in a vacant lot.

Its rumored that the owner is planning on turning the plane into a rental unit. It would make for a unique place to life, thats for certain.
The trip back down my driveway was a lot more traumatic than going out – the driveway is on a slight hill and with narrow slick road tires it was a bit tricky making it down without wiping out.

I made it down with only one wipe out, which was success of a sort.

Happy spring everyone!

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