A Snow Bike Tour to Borealis-LeFevre Cabin

With Nancy and the Twins off on the east coast visting Nancy’s half of the family, I found myself with a weekend free. I had planned on a two night trip, but bailed on the first night due to the weather. On the second night Ms Marsh and I headed out to Borealis-LeFevre for a quick overnighter.

The trip was largely uneventful, though a bit cold. It is roughly 20 miles one way and the trail was in great shaping with very fast biking conditions. Alas, Ms Marsh on skis had a harder time, as the snow was cold and slow. Borealis-LeFevre cabin was its normal welcoming self, and once we got the fire going warmed up nicely.

Marsh and I spent the evening talking and generally lazing about in the warm of the cabin. The next day we headed out back to the trail head. The thermometer on the bike had a very pessimistic view on the weather.. though I think it might have been off by a bit.

The light this time of the year is fantastic, with lots of low angle sun lighting the hills up in a beautiful warm golden glow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!

More photos, for the picture inclined:

A Bike Trip to Borealis-LeFevre Cabin

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2 Responses to “A Snow Bike Tour to Borealis-LeFevre Cabin”

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like a great little out & back. I wish I had a small cabin like that to ride off to for the night. Last weekend I did some awfully cold backpacking on the AT staying in stone lean-to’s. No warm fires! :[

    It’s neat the bikes and skis keep a relatively close pace. Beautiful looking scenery.

    • spruceboy says:

      An enclosed cabin with a stove makes winter trips much more fun. In the conditions we had for this trip the a bike is way faster – over twice as fast as skiing. Not a big deal though, as the person who arrives first can start a fire and get it warmed up!

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