Its been a good 11 years..

On a recent trip to the White Mountains NRA I spent some time in the Wickersham Creek trail shelter. It is about half way to Borealis-LeFevre Cabin from the mile 28 trailhead, and a good place to meet up at if your party is traveling at different speeds.

The shelter is a small 8 foot by 10 foot or so log cabin with a single window. Its small enough it warms up fairly quickly and can be quite cozy when its cold out.

All the cabins and shelters in the Whites have log books, where visitors record the details of their stay. These entries can make for fun reading at times and also can be quite useful, relaying trail conditions or other news. While waiting in the shelter for the rest of my party to catch up, as the trails were quite firm and much faster biking than skiing, I started looking back at the old entries. After a handful of pages I stumped upon this entry:

A little over eleven years ago Nancy and I had done a ski trip on the Summit Trail and on the way back we stopped at the shelter to spend the night. It was somewhere around our forth “date” – most of our “dates” were ski trips or hikes of various forms. The entry brought back memories, and got me reflecting on all the changes in my life since then – getting married, having the twins.. and thinking about how lucky I am. Life is good!

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2 Responses to “Its been a good 11 years..”

  1. Nancy says:

    Life is indeed good!

  2. Mike says:

    Cabin looks awesome! I can just imagine how nice it must be to get that fire stoked, shed some layers and relax after riding through the wintry woods. I’ll be sleeping in some lean-to’s along the AT this weekend down here in NY. Nothing as luxurious as that cabin but I’m stoked about it!

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